Did some research for record 3 last night. -K

thank you @fireflymusicfestival (and bob saget) for an awesome first time in Delaware —M

@matthewjfrazier trying to blend in at firefly fest -r

Today, I flew an airplane. (at El Monte Airport)


Ball so hard. -N

en route to Atlanta for shaky knees —M


random campus views, no.2 (at Indiana University, Bloomington)

in honor of it being @kelceyayer’s birthday today, here’s a photo of him from last week inside of Johnny Cash’s cabin. happy birthday, buddy!

Spent a few hours beneath the Earth’s surface this afternoon and experienced 100% pure darkness accompanied by complete silence for the first time in my life. Given the chance, I highly recommend trying it sometime. (at Mammoth Cave National Park)

closing out tour at the mother church. (at Ryman Auditorium)

Trippin-BALLS -K

I updated the photo on this poster. It was the right thing to do. -K

just two men and some bulbs. back in Asheville today which means it’s going to be a good one. orange peel tonight! see y’all there —M